Moddiction Titanium Bling Bolts S2000 Engine bay kit
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Anodized Titanium S2000 engine dress up kit. 

Available in Plain Titanium, Burnt Titanium, gold, Pink, Iridescent Burnt finisht, Iridescent blue, Teal and Green.

this kit includes the following:

--20 Titanium Bling Bolt sets (20 washers and 20 bolts).

These are M6x18mm bolts and require use of a #4 allen key for installation.

These will replace most if not all 10mm socket size bolts in the engine bay.

This kit comes with enough bolts and washers to replace 3 on each side for the fenders(6 total supplied), 5 for the front bumper, 2 for the radiator stays, 4 for the valve cover and 2 for the fuse box bracket(can use 2 for license plate if desired instead) and 1 for the cruise control bracket.

In picture shown there are 3 more per fender than what are included. (Certain cooling plates cover these bolts and may not be needed)

Please count the amount desired and either order engine bay kit or order them separately for the amount required.

Kit also includes:

--4 Titanium bolts for the spark plug cover.

--4 Titanium strut tower nuts.

--2 titanium nuts for the battery tie down. (will be a titanium Flange nut or non flange nut depending on inventory) Both are M6 sizing to fit oem battery tie down.


For burnt finish kit we can not burn the bolts or the spark plug cover bolts. All other pieces can be burned. Please put a note for what color you would like the bolts and spark plug cover bolts when ordering.

Note: More than what is included in engine bay kit are shown in picture. Only those listed above are included!

 If ordering Burnt finish the bolts are not burned. They are available in either Plain Titaniu, Dark gold, purple or blue. Please specify when ordering.

Spark plug cover bolts are currently available in either bright gold, pink, purple, iridescent blue, teal or green.

No Plain titanium spark plug bolts are currently in stock.

FREE SHIPPING to the US only!

All other countries please contact me before placing order for shipping quote.


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  • Manufacturer: MODDICTION

Moddiction Titanium Bling Bolts S2000 Engine bay kit

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