Moddiction Titanium Bling Bolts
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Moddiction "Bling Bolts"

Anodized Titanium finish washers and bolts.

Made from real Titanium.

Available in a Plain, Gold, Pink, Purple, Iridescent Blue, Teal, Green.

Price is per 1 washer and 1 bolt set.

These replace most engine bay bolts with a 10mm head. They are M6x18 socket head bolts and require use of an allen key for installation.

For S2000's can replace all fender bolts, radiator stay bolts, front bumper bolts, valve cover bolts, fuse box bracket bolts, fuel rail bolts, licene plate bolts, underside of hood bolts + many more. 

For other cars please check the bolt size before ordering.  These will fit many Honda's, Acura's , Mazda's, Subaru's etc.

  • Item #: 012
  • Manufacturer: MODDICTION

Moddiction Titanium Bling Bolts

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