Moddiction S2000 engine heat shield.
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Moddiction is now offering a powder coated aluminum S2000 engine heat shield. This is great for cleaning up the look of the engine bay while also blocking hot air from reaching the intake filter on many intake setups.

 Installing is as easy as removing 2 pre existing bolts from the vtec solenoid, putting heat shield on and re bolting down with the 2 supplied bolts and washers.

This is a perfect match for the K&N FIPK intake as well as many other intakes available.

It is offered in Textured Black, Textured Silver, Textured Blue and Wrinkle Red.

Made in the USA


Comes with:

Engine Heat Shield

(2) Stainless steel bolts

(2) Stainless steel washers

Please allow up to 2 weeks for heat shields to ship out as most are made to order. Thank you.


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  • Manufacturer: MODDICTION

Moddiction S2000 engine heat shield.

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