Moddiction/International Grinding S2000 short shifter
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Moddiction/International Grinding short shifter benefits include:
- Carbon steel with Melonite coating process for a black finish as well as hardening the metal.
- All sphericals precision ground to a 16 micro finish for smooth movement and least friction
- Maintains the OEM "lean" towards driver (LHD) for a reduce gap between steering wheel and shifter for faster shifting.
- 100% made in USA
- Lifetime warranty to original owner.
- Perfect fitment, absolutely no modification necessary
- Easy 15-30 min install
- Isolated from any resonance or vibration noises, similar to Honda's design, but with a stiffer insulator for a more direct feel.
- Better finishes than any other shifter on the market.
- Built without any compromises.
- Track and "daily driver" tested by S2000 owners

 Shifter extender pictured not included.


  • Item #: 004
  • Manufacturer: Moddiction/International Grinding

Moddiction/International Grinding S2000 short shifter

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