Moddiction 6 Speed Engraved Stainless Steel Shift Knobs
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-Moddiction 6 Speed Engraved Stainless Steel Shift Knobs

-All new 6 speed shift pattern.

-Available in 2 different 6 speed shift patterns.

-"R" up by 1st gear and "R" down and to the right by 6th gear. (Chose style depending on your shift pattern for your car)

-Available in the 2" round Anvil shift knob or the Anvil 2 shift knob. (Depends on availability)

-Height adjustable/engraving alignment nuts are only currently available for M10x1.25 and M10x1.50

-All other thread patterns must use a locknut on bottom of shift knob or some sort of thread lock to lock the shift knob in place.

-Made in the USA.

-Engraving available in Plain, Black, yellow and Red as of now. If you would like another color please let me know.

-Engraving is colored in using powder coating to provide a very durable and long lasting coloring.

-Shift pattern is laser engraved giving it an extremely precise and clear engraving.


Please note! Shift knob alignemt only works for 10x1.25 and 10x1.5 thread patterns with the included nuts and washer.

For all other thread patterns you must use loctite or some other means to align the engraved pattern.



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  • Manufacturer: MODDICTION

Moddiction 6 Speed Engraved Stainless Steel Shift Knobs

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