Mitsubishi Evolution 8,9, 10 X Shift Boot
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Mitsubishi Evolution 8,9 and10 X Shift Boot.

Available for both 5 and 6-speed transmissions as well as Evo X SST/RalliArt. Select your model from drop down menu.

Available in Leather, Nappa Leather, Perforated Leather, Alcantara, Faux Alcantara, Carbon Fiber Vinyl and Bride material.

Choose shift boot design, material, color and stitching color.

See the color chart HERE


All shift boots are made per order in Europe and shipped by RedlineGoods.

All shift boots ship out within 5 business days from Europe and take approximately 6-10 business days to arrive.


  • Item #: 035
  • Manufacturer: RedlineGoods

Mitsubishi Evolution 8,9, 10 X Shift Boot

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